Most Unsafe Sex Positions that Charlotte Escorts Won’t Do

It is not normal to sustain injuries during sex. When injuries happen, they only happen because you are having sex in the wrong way or the wrong place. These are the sex positions Charlotte escorts won’t accept:

1. Standing sex with penetration from the front

It might look popular in pornographic movies but this style can be incredibly dangerous for a woman if the man penetrates from the front. It has something to do with the design of the vagina; you know the vaginal tract slants slightly towards the abdomen, not towards the backside. But a man’s erection tends to be straight; dicks seldom bend up upward. So if she is penetrated from the front while standing, the penis can force the vaginal back to the posterior region especially if the sex is vigorous.

2. The exuberant swiss ball

The client sits on a large bouncy ball the size of a stool and makes the escort to sit on his lap in such a way that the penis has unrestricted entry into the vagina. This sex position looks great until you realize that you are sitting on a round bouncy ball that can roll over and slam you on the floor. Worse yet, even if you choose to support yourself with nearby furniture or the wall, the unstable wall will keep interrupting the in and out rocking you’d made while penetrating her and that can bring a feeling as if the vaginal wall is being dislodged. If the partners fall, the man could end with a broken penis.

3. Sex ball for the escort

This position is very much like the Exuberant Swiss Ball except that the ball is lubed and the escort is made to lean on the ball in a position similar to that seen in the doggy style. The guy then penetrates her from behind just as he would do in doggy style except that he is standing this time. This position has similar risks with the Exuberant Swiss Ball, the person lying leaning on the ball has no nothing to hold on for support and worse yet, the ball is lubed. So she has to depend on the guy behind to hold her by the groin. Both of them can fall.

Bottom line

Anything that looks like acrobatics is risky sex and can inflict harm to the escort or the client or both. It is prudent to experiment with other safe sex styles or just stick on the missionary position.

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