London Escorts on Holiday

Do London escorts take holidays? Like all other folk, London escorts need to take a break every so often. Personally I prefer taking a lot of smaller breaks instead of longer ones. That being said, once a year I do like to take a longer holiday. Most girls that I know at London escorts like to go on a holiday with their friends or a friend, but I like to go on holiday on my own. Sure, I like to party, but I like to party and meet new people. That can be hard to do when you take holidays with your friends.

Where do I go on holiday? When I get a chance to have some time off from London escorts, I often like to go on spa breaks. Why? Well, working for charlotte London escorts can get very stressful at times and I have to admit that it is nice to get away on your own. From London, you can easily get to other places outside of London on the train. Sure, there are some spas in London but I really like to treat myself with a break outside of London every so often. I go for beauty treatments and spend time in the spa.

Once a year, I like to go off somewhere and do some shopping. I used to be really hooked on going to New York, but then I discovered Italy. One of my London escorts regulars took me to Italy on a break. While I was there, I had a chance to do some shopping. It was really great and when I need new clothes for London escorts, I now often go to Italy instead. Shopping for designer clothing in Italy is a lot cheaper than shopping in London.

What about sunshine breaks? Sunshine breaks are something that most girls at London escorts are very dependant on. Sure, I have tried a sunshine break in Mexico once but it was not really for me. They are so many security issues in Mexico that you can’t really go out of the resorts. This is why I often end up in places like Florida or in California when I want to get some sunshine. It is much nicer and I love the fact that you can combine a sunshine holiday with a bit of shopping. And the US is such an easy place to take a holiday.

This year, I am going to splash out a bit. I am planning to take a luxury cruise and I have reserved a top-class cabin just for myself. On top of that, I have taken out a spa package. I am planning to visit some of the hot spots in and around Europe and really spoil myself when I get back on board. Some of the luxury cruise lines have some amazing spa facilities and that is what I am banking on. Hopefully, I will have a great time. It was one of my London escorts colleagues who told me about the cruise. She goes all of the time and thinks that cruising is the perfect way to holiday.

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