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Should all gents expect their Barbican escorts like to wear sexy lingerie? This is a new issue that has come up here at the Escort Guide. A gent recently emailed us and said that his Barbican escort had worn sexy lingerie to a dinner date. Her black lacy bra was showing slightly underneath the neck lining of her clingy dress and he found that really distracting during their dinner date. Some of his business colleagues and associates had noticed it as well, and he had found that part of the date embarrassing. Perhaps he did but I am pretty sure his dining companions did not.

However, the Escort Guide is happy to champion all causes relating to escorts services around the world, and I thought that we might take a look at this one. Sexy lingerie is worn by all escorts, and it does not matter if you are working for Barbican escorts services or not, you just wear sexy lingerie out of habit. But, on this occasion I can understand where this gent comes from, and it is important to acknowledge that lingerie on show may not be the best way forward on a dinner date in an exclusive restaurant in Barbican.

At the same time, I would like to go on to say that perhaps the gent would have felt differently about the issue, had he been alone with the date. The Escorts Guide did contact the Barbican escorts agency concerned, and according to their records, the request had been for an intimate date. It sounds like something may have gone about wrong here, and the date ended up being more or less an informal business meeting. As a matter of fact, the escort in question reported back to the agency and said that she had been expected to entertain several gents at the table.

If you are planning to use Barbican escorts services, it is really important to be able to tell the agency the exact purpose of the date. An intimate dinner date is not ten people around the table. An intimate dinner normally only refers to two people, and I think the gent should perhaps consider arranging dates with a few more London girls to keep his dinner guests happy. It is hardly fair to expect one London escort to entertain a large number of businessmen around a table which is what happened in this case.

Arranging dates with Barbican escorts is easy, but you need to be honest with the agency. Most agencies in South London offer dinner date services, and they can make some very special arrangement for dates would like to entertain more than one table guest. For instance, they might even be able to offer girls who speak several languages such as Hungarian. This is now one of the most popular language choices in London at the moment, but once again it is essential to arrange the date in advance. Don’t let all the emphasis fall on the escort, she is only as good as the information she has available at her long painted finger nails.

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